To maintain and upkeep the infrastructure Institute facilities and equipment, following activities are
undertaken by college:-
1.There is Stock Maintenance Committee in every department, who maintains the stock
register by physically verifying the items round the year.
2. Department wise annual stock verification is done by concerned Head of the Department.
3. Regular maintenance of Computer Laboratory equipment are done by Laboratory
Assistant along with Laboratory attendant and they are headed by Lab Maintenance Committee
4. Overall development of campus is done by Campus Discipline and Cleanliness Committee of
the college.
5. Regular cleaning of water tanks, proper garbage disposal, pest control, landscaping and
maintenance of lawns is done by Institute Fourth Class Employees.
6. College campus maintenance is monitored through regular inspection.
7. Outsourcing is done for maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure such as computers,
internet facilities including Wi-Fi and broadband. Updating of software is done by lab
8. Outsourcing is done for the maintenance of wooden, furniture, electrification, and plumbing.
9. Regular maintenance of the water cooler and water purifier is done by outsourcing agent.
10. The maintenance of the reading room and stock verification of library books is done
regularly by library staff.